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Blog Articles on Addiction

Roland Reeves, MD

Is a Drug Rehab Center Necessary For Marijuana?

Going to a drug rehab center for marijuana? The topic of marijuana use and the legality of it has become an issue of global debate the last several years. Many countries have made the use of marijuana illegal, including the United States, until several...

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How Can I Go To A Drug Rehab Center Without Insurance?

A Drug rehab center has been highly successful in taking drug addicts and helping them to detox and begin a life of recovery, but sometimes it’s tough for people to come up with the money for drug rehab. It’s no secret that some drug rehab centers are...

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10 Things To Do After Time At A Drug Treatment Center

Once you’ve gotten out of a drug treatment center, chances are you’ll run into some things that trigger you to want to use again. Triggers are things, people, or thoughts that cause you to think about drinking or using drugs again. In the beginning of your...

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