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Blog Articles on Addiction

Roland Reeves, MD

10 Ways to Make Your Drug Rehab More Effective

10 Ways to Make Your Drug Rehab More Effective. Making drug rehab more effective. Drug addiction is an illness that is characterized by uncontrollable and sometimes compulsive drug craving and drug seeking behavior. Even when the person is faced with...

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How to Face Old Friends After Going to Drug Rehab

How to Face Old Friends After Going to Drug Rehab In our modern age of curated, social-media-friendly appearances, we oftentimes try to hide our issues from our friends and colleagues in an effort to appear as though we have "it all together" and that we...

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Some Tips for Families

How to Help With A Drug Addiction: Some Tips for Families Families soon learn there are few perfect answers when it comes to drug addiction help. Every addict experiences the disease in a different way, and every personal or familial circumstance is...

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10 Things to Remember After Drug Addiction Treatment

10 Things to Remember After Completing Drug Addiction Treatment Drug addiction treatment can be the catalyst that leads you to a lifelong commitment to a happy and healthy life. However, like all commitments, maintaining sobriety is an ongoing process, and...

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When Mental Illness Meets Drug Treatment Center

                                             Destin Recovery, Drug Treatment Center Drug treatment center can make some feel uncomfortable. Mental Illness has had such a stigma for so many years. I believe it has to do with ignorance to the true definition, the old...

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Why am I Addicted to Drugs or Alcohol?

Life Is Not Fair Drug Addiction Help Ever asked yourself why my friends and I have partied like there is no tomorrow, but today, they no longer do so, or they can even control when and where and how much they use or drink while I pawn my grandmother’s...

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