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Blog Articles on Addiction

Roland Reeves, MD

How to Choose the Right Drug Treatment Center

Seeking just the right drug treatment center for you or a loved one is important to you. As you’ve watched the disease of addiction change the addict, as well as affect loved ones, you want more than anything to find a reputable and effective rehab. When...

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How Patient Brokers Are Bad For Drug Treatment

While it's wonderful that there are people willing to help suffering addicts get the drug rehab treatment necessary to get clean and sober, not everyone who is helpful is doing it with the highest of intentions. There are those who act as patient brokers, which...

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How to Find a Job After Drug Rehab

Finding employment in the current market situation is difficult for everyone. When you are in recovery and the addiction is added to your resume, getting on with life can seem impossible. During drug rehab, you are going through some massive changes in your life. Most...

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Benefits of Exercise in Drug Rehab

  If you’re like most people, you want to exercise. Especially now that you’re in drug rehab, you think more about your health and want to do what you can to be as healthy as possible. Yet, you may also find yourself slacking when it comes to regular...

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Dr. Reeves Presents at CCSAD

Disease, Disorder, Harm Reduction or Abstinence. Never Let Facts Stand In The Way of Dogma. T. Roland Reeves, MD, FACS, FASAM Supported by: Destin Recovery Center Level of Instruction: All The arguments of disease/not a disease and harm reduction vs abstinence are in...

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