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Addiction Treatment a Loved One

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Getting a Loved One into Drug Rehab Treatment


alcohol rehab destin Florida Addiction TreatmentThere are very few things more gut-wrenching than to watch a loved one’s life continuously ravaged by a drug addiction. Whether their addiction is to prescription medications like Vicodin or Xanax or to street drugs like cocaine and methamphetamines, the long term damage can be very similar. You know that drug rehab treatment is what they need, but getting them to go may feel like a futile endeavor.

So can you get them into a Florida addiction treatment center even if they haven’t been willing to take the step themselves?


A common myth about addiction is that a person must willingly enter treatment for it to be effective. The fact is that many addicts choose the path to recovery because family and friends recognized the problem and took the necessary steps to get them into rehab.

That doesn’t mean it will be easy. It can be downright challenging to convince someone you love that they need addiction treatment. But this is about your loved one’s life. Helping them get the treatment they deserve may be the only chance they have to overcome their addiction.


Things to remember when attempting to get a loved one into rehab.

Understand the power of an addiction

The most important thing to remember is that their continuous use isn’t simply a choice on their part. Addictions are insidious and powerful. The vast majority of addicts have tried to quit many times – only to succumb to their cravings again and again. Let’s face it; if an addiction was easy to overcome, most addicts – including your loved one – would have stopped long ago. Unfortunately, the process of becoming clean and staying sober is more complex than that. That’s why a good drug rehab treatment program is a crucial part of the process – if you can just get them there.

Never lose hope

Before you lose hope, remember that thousands of people have walked in your shoes. Thousands of so-called “hopeless” drug addicts enter drug rehab treatment programs every sing day – and they leave treatment clean and stay sober. Far more often than not, the reason they finally got into drug rehab treatment was because a spouse, family member, or friend refused to give up on them. In fact, it’s a very rare addict who can get clean entirely on his or her own.

So, that is the first and most important thing: never lose hope.

Educate yourself

Start by learning more about addiction. One way to do that is by attending meetings for local addiction support groups, like Al-Anon. Members may be able to provide guidance for finding nearby addiction resources, but, more importantly, they’ll be able to share their own experiences with you. Also, these connections will help nurture your own emotional well-being because they will help you see that you are not alone in this fight.

Do an intervention

When it comes to how to get someone into alcohol or drug rehab treatment, an intervention is often one of the most effective tools. An intervention is a meeting in which concerned family members and / or friends show the addict how the problem has affected his or her life-and the lives of those around them. It doesn’t physically force them into rehab, but it does give the addict a real-world view of what happens each time they drink excessively or get high on drugs. It involves a group of the addicts friends and families, who come together to confront the addict. The goal of the intervention is to break through the addict’s denial, get him or her to finally acknowledge the serious addiction problem, and agree that he or she needs treatment. Important! Do not try and stage an intervention without the help of a professional interventionist. Learn more about the intervention process here.

Don’t judge, don't blame

The purpose of the intervention is to make your loved one realize they need alcohol or drug rehab treatment – it’s not the place to beat them up over every bad decision they’ve ever made. Instead remain laser-focused on painting a vivid picture of how the addiction hurts the addict and everyone they love.  An intervention is not the place for hurtful comments, blaming the addict, or arguing. Rather, the overall tone should clearly convey genuine caring and concern. Your loved one is already going to be guarded and defensive. After all, they’ve probably experienced plenty of harsh judgment and blame, and will likely be expecting more of the same.

Get them to treatment immediately

After the intervention, if your family member or friend chooses recovery, have transportation ready to take them directly to a Florida addiction treatment center. No “one last drink/hit” stops allowed. The most important thing is to get the addict to the facility as soon as possible.

If your loved one refuses…

Despite your best efforts, your loved one may still refuse to go to drug rehab treatment. Although this can be heartbreaking, it’s vital that you make it abundantly clear that none of you will provide any type of help or support – e.g. money, transportation, a place to crash, etc. – until he or she agrees to get help. Sometimes this is the turning point that will change the addicts mind – if not during the intervention then soon after when he or she realizes how serious you all are. It can be extremely difficult following through with tough love, but until you do, the pattern will likely continue.

Getting your loved one into alcohol or drug rehab treatment may not be easy-but his or her life is worth the effort. Start making plans today to help guide your family member or friend onto the road to recovery.

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