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Stage an Intervention

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Drug InterventionWe urge anyone who is planning to intervene to contact us prior to taking action. A strong body of evidence exists that demonstrates that unplanned interventions rarely are successful, whereas carefully planned and thought through interventions have an over 80% success rate. Further since addiction is a chronic and progressive disease, sitting back and hoping that things will get better can be very dangerous. If you are concerned, NOW, not later is the time to get help from someone specifically trained and successfully experienced in helping individuals and families with alcohol and drug problems.

Destin Recovery engages only tried and true professional intervention services. These interventionists use the Johnson Model where the participants meet with the interventionist to prepare for the intervention without the knowledge of the addicted person until the actual intervention.

The Goal of an Intervention

The ultimate goal of an intervention is for the person dependent on drugs or alcohol to accept the treatment offered by the Intervention Team. It is often impossible to logically reason with an addict or alcoholic about their drug or alcohol problem, without the help of a neutral party. Drug and alcohol abuse does not just affect the addict but strains the entire family. A well-planned intervention conducted by those who are experienced professionals in the field will result in positive outcomes for both the person dependent on drugs or alcohol and the family.

When someone needs help but refuses to accept it, an intervention is appropriate.

Roland Reeves, MD

The Intervention Process

Research on the Person Needing Treatment

Before treatment can be coordinated, the Interventionist and the family will need to know as much about the behaviors of the person needing treatment as possible. What type of drug do they use? How much and how often? If they abuse alcohol, how long, how often and why? Building a history of use will help the Interventionist and the family in the second stage.

Planning the Intervention

During the planning stage, family members are elected to speak at the intervention. Each family member will prepare statements that they will read. Each statement is designed to let the person that needs treatment understand how their use of drugs and alcohol has affected the family member’s life, how they want their loved one to seek treatment and also details the consequences for the dependent person to not accept treatment. The Interventionist helps the members of the Intervention Team to prepare to deliver their statements to the person that needs help.

Coordinating Treatment

In this stage, the Interventionist will help the family member select the appropriate level of care and an appropriate facility for treatment to take place. The interventionist may help the family understand the role of insurance, co-pays and finances and may help the family coordinate travel to treatment. In most cases, the Interventionist will accompany the person dependent on drugs or alcohol to their treatment destination.

Conducting the Intervention

A family member or friend that is a part of the Intervention Team typically brings the person that needs treatment to the intervention. This is the first time they will meet the Interventionist and in many occasions the person that needs help can be quite surprised. The role of the Interventionist is to bring order to the situation and to moderate the discussion. Each member of the Intervention Team will read their statements aloud in a group and the person that needs treatment will be asked by all to accept the help they have been offered. Many people confronted with specific consequences and an offer for help accept the help they are given.

After the Intervention

Once the Intervention has concluded, the Interventionist will accompany the person that accepts treatment to their treatment destination safely.

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