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Aftercare - Ongoing Therapy

Destin Florida Rehab

What Is Aftercare?

AftercareAftercare, also known as continuing care, helps keep people who have completed rehab engaged in their recovery and helps them avoid a relapse. During this stage clients no longer require the level of services provided during treatment and are generally able to function in the “real world” with a strong aftercare/discharge plan, community engagement and limited interaction with professionals.

There are many different types of aftercare plans that can be tailored to the needs of the individual. No two programs will look exactly alike.

What Happens After Rehab in Destin?

When a person completes an addiction treatment program, the temptation is to just return to his or her life and pick up where they left off. Unless there is a plan for continued support and care, recovery can be short lived. The first year out of a drug treatment program is critical. A person learns to live a new life without drugs or alcohol. They have to form new patterns and habits, and this process is made much easier with the support of drug treatment aftercare.

How Long Does Aftercare Last?

Since everyone is different, the amount of time spent in addiction aftercare will be different. Because of this, a rehab aftercare program can last anywhere from a few days to a lifetime. Aftercare programs can also be stopped and then started again if needs or circumstances warrant additional care.

Family Members of Those in Recovery

When a person with a substance abuse problem goes through recovery, a good aftercare program can help them transition to normal life. But the aftercare is not just helpful for them; it can also benefit their family.

Family members can also learn strategies for helping their loved one cope with life after rehab. They can gain support, get their questions answered and learn what and what not to do to help prevent a relapse.

Keep Going!  Statistics show that relapse rates can reach as high as 85% within the first year. The chronic nature of the disease means that relapsing to drug or alcohol abuse at some point is not only possible, but likely. With those in recovery facing such a high probability of relapse, a drug treatment aftercare program is vitally important to their efforts to remain clean and sober. Since the rate of relapse decreases with each passing year, long-term aftercare can make a huge difference in preventing a person’s relapse.

But the trick is getting started with a program right away and following through.

Roland Reeves, MD

Components of Long-Term Aftercare

A wide variety of aftercare programs are available for both long-term aftercare and aftercare that only lasts for a short time or can be done on a less scheduled basis. Prescribing appropriate aftercare and setting the initial plan should be part of the discharge process from a rehabilitation program. Components include:

Long-Term Rehab

Long-term rehab has a high success rate for those suffering from complex or severe addictions

Long-term rehab is simply traditional inpatient rehab that involves a long-term stay. It has a high success rate for those suffering from severe addictions, co-occurring disorders, complex medical issues, and also those who are having trouble with chronic relapse.

The length of the program is often determined by the patient’s own progress, and the treatment duration can vary from a single month to upwards of a year.  It’s all about patients’ progress in recovery, rather than simply allowing a set period of time to pass.

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