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The moment you contact Destin Recovery is the moment you change your life

Are You Ready to Get Your Life Back?

Destin Recovery Drug RehabWith a few simple steps, you can find out everything you need to know about Destin Recovery to make this important decision.

Destin Recovery makes getting in to medically supervised detox or inpatient treatment simple and easy. We can cater to the needs of anyone that needs treatment anywhere in the United States. Our mission is to help people that want treatment obtain the highest level of care possible.

Call our expert intake advisors at 850.637.8787 and see how simple we make the process of getting help with drug or alcohol dependency.

STEP ONE: Initial Contact
When you first reach out to us you’ll be connected with an expert Intake Advisor that will guide you through every step of the admissions process. They’ll ask questions about your current situation including your history of substance use, living situation and other brief questions to help determine the best possible treatment options for you.
STEP TWO: Verify Insurance
Your Intake Advisor is available to answer your questions about treatment and describe your options. If you have health insurance, we will verify your insurance benefits for you so you won’t have to navigate through the complex insurance system on your own. [Verify Insurance Here]
STEP THREE: Intake & Full Assessment
When you decide Destin Recovery has the right treatment program for you, we will meet you at our offices in Destin, Florida or pick you up from the airport/station/etc. This is all arranged through our Intake Director. Our closest airport is Okaloosa Regional Airport, (VPS), but we can also pick you up from Panama City or Pensacola Airports. Some of our clients make travel arrangements on their own but most like to use our Recovery Advisors to help them coordinate travel to treatment. We can usually have you here in Florida safely in less than 24 hours. Upon arrival, we will have forms for you to fill out about your health history, current health status and most recent drug use. Detox may or may not be needed depending on these answers, so please be honest for your own health and comfort. Our intake staff will complete a full assessment of your physical and mental health, as well a drug urine screen and a basic physical exam. We will review medications you brought with you, if any, and may dispose of inappropriate ones. Please call us if you are unsure of appropriate medications to bring. Everything you tell us will be kept confidential. It is illegal for us to give anyone information about your stay with us without your written consent. At Destin Recovery you are only known by your first name and last initial (or whatever name you want to use). At this point, if not already taken care of, payment is due. You may have made arrangements to pay through insurance, you may have a co-pay due, or you may be paying us directly. We accept cash, credit card, check, cashier’s check and wire transfers. If you are paying with a debit credit card, please be aware that you may need to call your bank to increase the charge limit for us.

What to Bring to Treatment

You might be wondering what you are allowed to bring into rehab. We put together this list of items with your safety, privacy, and well-being in mind. If you aren’t sure if you can bring in a certain item, you may call us to ask.


Pack enough season-appropriate clothes for at least two (2) weeks. It’s a good idea to bring both indoor and outdoor clothing (as you will sometimes take part in outdoor activities). You should also bring a set of job search clothes and a bathing suit. CASA Recovery provides laundry facilities, so you can wash your clothes if you run out. Be sure you have: Casual clothes: Socks (several pairs) A jacket, sweatshirt or heavy sweater Sweats Bathrobe Pajamas Walking shoes or tennis shoes Slippers Personal hygiene articles: Deodorant Bath soap Shampoo Toothpaste and toothbrush Razors Tampons Also bring: Prescriptions for any approved medications Your Birth Certificate, your drivers license, or your Social Security card Optional: Blow dryer or curling iron Portable music player Cigarettes (or some money for cigarettes) Multivitamins (strictly one nationally-recognized brand) Stuffed animals Watch Alarm clock Sunglasses Personal diary, books, address book, stationery What Items are NOT Allowed in Rehab? You are not allowed to bring any of the following items into our rehab facility: Medications that were not pre-approved by us / medications without prescription Any over the counter medications, unless approved and for a specific condition Any items that contain alcohol, including alcohol based hydrogen peroxide, mouthwashes, or isopropyl alcohol

STEP FOUR: Begin Our Program
Depending on your assessment, you may enter detox and begin a supervised process of withdrawal. Dr. Reeves will evaluate you and create a custom combination of medications to help make the detox process as comfortable as possible. You will be in a comfortable supervised home.   When appropriate, you will begin your program at our treatment center. This includes a full weekly schedule of group sessions, counseling sessions, psychotherapy, massage, yoga, meditation, exercise at the gym, outside AA/NA/CA meetings, fun activities and chores (meal preparation, basic cleaning, etc. at your house). Our program is intense. You will be busy working with our expert licensed staff every day to learn the root causes of your addiction and to find new ways to stay clean, prevent relapse and change aspects of your life that may trigger you to use. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are prepared by you and your roommates. Every week we have a planned, fun, sober activity for our clients and Sunday is designated for family group and visitation. Our counselors will keep any family or friends you designate updated on your status and progress.
STEP FIVE: Gradution - Continued Care
Toward the end of your 30 days with us, you will begin to wonder what’s next? We encourage anyone to stay through our outpatient program for 60-90 days. We can help you with job searches, life coaching, family and court issues, etc. that may be preventing you from adjusting back into a sober lifestyle. This is your chance to have more freedoms (ex. drive your car, have your laptop, etc.) but with our supervision, daily requirements and regular drug urine screening.  After 60-90 days, we can recommend sober living houses with live-in house managers to help you continue your transition into sobriety. Please ask our Intake Director about any of these options.
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  • Get the attention you deserve in an intimate, individually focused program with people just like you.
  • Heal through an effective blend of integration therapies at on of the world's most beautiful beaches.
  • Discover why this has happened to you and learn how to live free from your problem.
  • Get treatment from the area's leading addiction specialists.
  • Get state of the art treatment proven to work by the latest research - we combine science with real life knowledge and compassion.
  • In just 24 hours, we can arrange your travel to our Destin, Florida drug rehab center.
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