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Drug Rehab in Destin:

What do you get when cross a testimonial and a blog? A “Blogamonial” — Yes.  We just made up that word; But it works.

Welcome Amy Cooper.  IMAC- Internationally Certified masters addicted coach that envelopes recovery, food, gambling and family coaching; nationally certified in advanced clinical intervention (NCACIP) Amy also facilitate court ordered anger management and parenting classes. Amy founded a non-profit in 2012 called Faith at the Beach and works with the Kelly Gorman Watson Women’s Center since 2015. With seven years of sobriety Amy is an accomplished writer on addiction and is currently assisting persons afflicted with addiction at Destin Recovery

I met Dr. and Kelly Reeves in 2015 at Destin Recovery, a drug rehab center in Destin, Florida. I was told to visit their alcohol and drug rehab center as I would not be disappointed in the whole experience that patients experience with them for treatment.  Destin Recovery specializes in so many modalities that can help most anyone that is looking to not only get lifelong recovery, but to stay sober and defeat the odds of relapse.

Destin Recovery is a uniquely small drug rehab center located on a gorgeous sugar-white beach in Destin, Florida. The boutique environment, 12-step immersed therapeutic culture with the ability to treat medically complex patients set them apart from other programs.    Dr. Reeves, owner/medical director, is board certified in Addiction Medicine, is on-site and oversees patient care. He, along with another MD and Psychologist lead weekly groups, and Master’s level therapists provide individual and family counseling.  Yes, Recovery is their business, but the patients feel like part of the family when they engage in the process of getting sober.  From the first day of detox to the last day of treatment, patients are not only embraced by the recovery staff, but are leaving with the tools, knowledge, and the mindset that recovery is a lifetime, worked one day at a time. At Destin Recovery Drug Rehab Center, they offer to all who walk through the doors a lifetime commitment of supporting sobriety.

They uniquely engage the patient’s family from day one, offering the Structured Family Recovery Program (developed by Debra Jay) as well.  The staff know they can’t go home with the patient physically, but have recommendations for families and patients to continue the progress and work that has begun.  From day one, when the patients enter Destin Recovery Drug Treatment Center, the loving, attentive and assertive staff is preparing them for a healthy departure and transition.  With the exceptionally educated staff, patients will feel at ease knowing that the diagnosis of addiction is not only addressed but any mental health problems as well.  Drugs and alcohol are just symptoms of the disease of addiction. Destin Recovery alcohol and drug rehab center will focus on body, mind, spirit and soul as a whole in offering life-long recovery for those who walk through their doors.

Amy Cooper

Destin Recovery