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Destin Recovery Beach Facilities

Destin Recovery Drug Rehab Center

Florida Drug Rehab Center

Destin Recovery’s beach facility allow patient housing on the beautiful and tranquil sugar-sand beaches of Destin. The beaches of Destin are rated among the best in the world and will provide the atmosphere amenable to true recovery. It allows the integration of nature’s therapeutic beauty and the development of inner peace necessary for long lasting recovery and restored health. The drug rehab center’s residence are Class A resort quality providing comfortable and peaceful housing during the process of recovery.

In addition to the beachfront rehab center, Destin Recovery is offering new integrated activities. “One of the cornerstones of our treatment is that we integrate life into recovery and recovery into life”, say Dr.Reeves. The alcohol and drug treatment programs are designed for the patient to be involved. It is not solely a classroom. Education is a component part of recovery, but we believe the real healing comes when a patient can partake in activities and events in an everyday world; allowing them to participate in activities that demonstrate how to live life and enjoy life without drugs or alcohol. Our Florida drug treatment center integrates life into recovery and recovery into life.

We are blessed to be able to integrate Destin’s natural resources and area activities with the recovery process; Patient groups may find themselves at a session on the pristine sugar sands beach of Destin one day, or taking a dolphin excursion another. Other activities may include dining out weekly, community outings, nature hiking, gym for exercising, Pilates, yoga, meditation, and many others.


Roland Reeves, MD

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