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Debra Jay's Structured Family Recovery (TM)

Destin Recovery is pleased to offer our patients Debra Jay’s Structured Family Recovery™ initiative. Addictions and behavioral health issues impact families in an enormous way. The whole family is affected by this disease, and the whole family is part of the solution. Destin Recovery’s Family Program assists families in understanding how they may become part of that solution, and Structured Family Recovery™ is an important enhancement to our successful Family Program.

Structured Family Recovery

Structured Family Recovery™ is a program at Destin Recovery Addiction Treatment Center that outlines how each family member impacts a patient’s recovery after treatment. Developed by Debra Jay, this program creates a defined family support system which can provide empathy, understanding, and accountability once a patient completes residential treatment.

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Using this approach the family becomes an important element of an addict’s recovery after treatment. The Structured Family Recovery™ program at Destin Recovery incorporates the tools outlined in Debra’s new book, It Takes a Family.