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Drug Rehab Center in Destin

When you’ve decided to attend a drug rehab center, you may have some concerns about leaving your home. A major concern of many people is that of how the bills are going to be paid while you’re in rehab. The reality is that the bills just keep coming, even while you’re away. Most likely, you have to take some time off work, too. That can be an added stress to you if you’re not sure how you can pay your bills while you’re away.

Rest assured that there are some things that you can do to help with bill paying while you’re away. It may take a little bit of time and research, and a bit of creativity, but there is hope. Don’t allow worries about how to pay bills keep you from attending a drug rehab center. Your recovery is of primary importance!

The following are 10 tips to help pay the bills while you’re at a drug rehab center:

  1. Using your work benefits

    If you have any vacation time or personal days saved up, you may be able to trade that time for money to pay for your bills. You also want to ask your employer if they have a short or long-term disability arrangement. In addition, ask about an employee assistance program, as such a program may help you in getting a referral to various rehabs or free counseling.

  2. Ask someone to manage your accounts

    If you’re concerned about bills getting paid while you’re in rehab, ask someone that you trust to take over your financial accounts while you’re gone. They can make payments while you’re gone and keep an eye on things to make sure everything is in order. If you don’t have someone you can trust with your finances, you can go the official route. Select a trusted person and use legal documentation to be sure that you are protected.

  3. Angel funds

    Some organizations use Angel funds to raise money for those who have a financial need. This can certainly help you pay your bills while you’re in treatment.

  4. Treatment facility scholarship

    Some drug treatment centers have scholarship programs that will help people pay for the cost of the rehab, as well as bills at home while they’re in treatment.

  5. Ask for a loan

    You always have the option of asking your family or friends for a personal loan, or taking out a personal loan from the bank. Only do this if you know that you’ll be able to pay them back once you’re out of rehab. If family are friends are concerned about where the money is going, you can ask them to pay directly to the rehab or to pay a bill directly.

  6. Have a yard sale or sell online

    Go ahead and have a weekend yard sale to sell things that you no longer want or need. You can also sell some things online at sites like eBay or Amazon. You’d be surprised how many things lying around your house you can get good money for. If you don’t want or need it anymore, sell it! You can make this a family event and get everyone involved. It can be a memorable experience and help kids learn the difference between “want” vs. “need”.

  7. Consider crowdfunding

    Consider using a crowdfunding site like GoFundMe, as many people have raised money sharing their stories with the public. No need to feel ashamed about having an addiction and heading off to rehab. Most people are quite familiar with addiction, as they probably have a loved one who is struggling or has struggled with the disease of alcoholism or drug addiction. Or perhaps they’ve struggled themselves. Be honest with your story and allow others to help support you financially while you’re in rehab.

  8. Check with your insurance company

    Be sure to check with your insurance company to see if they cover the cost of the drug rehab center. If so, you’ll have some money freed up to pay your bills while you’re in rehab.

  9. Check with Medicaid and Medicare

    If your insurance doesn’t pay for drug treatment, or you don’t have insurance, check with Medicaid and Medicare to see if you qualify for their services. If they do, they may cover your treatment cost for rehab. This will help you funnel the money that you have now towards your bills while you’re gone.

  10. Take a second job

    If you’ve got a little bit of time before you head off to a drug rehab center, consider taking a second job and using that money to go toward your bills while you’re away. You can even ask your buddies if they’ve got some extra work that you can do for them on the side. Someone may need help with their yard work or project that they’re doing around the house. Or one of your friends may need a babysitter or a good house cleaning.

    It’s wonderful that you’re heading off to a drug rehab center in order to get free from addiction. There you will be able to receive the professional treatment necessary to learn more about the disease of addiction and how you can live life without relying on a substance that harms you.

When you take the time to line up things to go smoothly while you’re away for drug treatment, you’ll be more at rest while you’re in the treatment center. You’ll be able to relax when it comes to how the bills will be paid while you’re gone. Consider these tips for lining up your financial situation while you’re away from home, so you can go into treatment without worrying.