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How Long Does Addiction Treatment Take?

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There Are No Quick Fixes with Addiction Treatment

florida drug rehab for prescription drugsThe most effective and successful treatment programs are those that run for an adequate period of time. A couple of weeks in rehab is not enough for anyone to get better. Research has found that a minimum of three months is most effective for addiction treatment. If a facility tries to tell you that they can treat you in a month or less, you are being lied to. Treatment should also continue after rehab, which means the most successful facilities will guide you through your aftercare options. They will provide patients with choices and referrals for continuing work with therapists, support groups and other strategies.

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Luxury drug rehab centers are not necessarily the most successful. No matter how much you pay for treatment, your own commitment, plus the staff’s commitment to the highest treatment standards, are of the greatest importance to your success. If you can find a facility that adheres to these principles, you have a better shot at getting well and getting sober.

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Traditionally, addiction treatment has been limited to 28 days or less in most cases, a standard established not by addiction experts but by insurance companies. Short-term treatment is woefully inadequate for long-term recovery and often serves as the beginning of a long cycle of heartbreaking relapses and repeat trips to rehab.

Although research shows beyond the shadow of a doubt that longer treatment is more effective, insurance companies continue to depend on small, outdated studies to defend decisions to pay for treatment that often spans no more than five to 20 days. Some insurance companies pay only for two or three days of detox before transferring patients to outpatient treatment, a situation that many liken to a quick shock with a defibrillator before sending a heart attack patient to a primary care provider for continuation of care.

Roland Reeves, MD

Addiction is a chronic disease, not a sign of poor willpower or personal weakness. Studies by the National Institute of Health (NIH), and Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services administration (SAMHSA) indicate that long-term recovery is directly connected to adequate treatment length. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) recommends that although any attempt at treatment is a step in the right direction, outcomes for both outpatient and residential treatment are more successful when treatment lasts at least 90 days.
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