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Destin Family Counseling

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Addiction is a Family Disease

Destin Family CounselingChances for recovery increase dramatically when families are involved, and the reach of alcoholism and drug addiction goes far beyond the individual.

Family Counseling

The Destin Recovery staff lends its experience, hope and strength to family members so they can understand the impact of addiction on their lives. The family often recognizes the problem before the addict is ready to acknowledge or deal with the addiction. In these difficult situations, it’s sometimes necessary for a certified interventionist to assist.

Destin Recovery Treatment Consultants help families decide whether or not a loved one is ready for treatment, and what to do next. Facilitating interventions, designing treatment strategies and arranging aftercare programs led by skilled, caring professionals – we will make the connections that allow families to break the destructive patterns of addiction.

Addiction is a Family Disease!

The grip of addiction goes far beyond the individual and directly affects the whole family. Chances for recovery increase dramatically when families are involved in treatment. The Destin Recovery staff seeks to involve families beginning on the first day of treatment and continuing after treatment. Families are given specific help, counseling, and planning to best help their affected loved one’s continue their journey. A new level of trust and love that has been lost or may never have been present is possible in families.

Roland Reeves, MD

Co-Founder, Medical Director, Destin Recovery

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