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Drug Rehab Center in DestinA Drug rehab center has been highly successful in taking drug addicts and helping them to detox and begin a life of recovery, but sometimes it’s tough for people to come up with the money for drug rehab. It’s no secret that some drug rehab centers are quite expensive. Actually, lack of funds is the most common reason why alcoholics or drug addicts do not seek help via a drug treatment program.

Fortunately, there are some affordable drug rehab programs available and there are various ways you can come up with the funds to pay for services. If you don’t have insurance, and are seeking alternative ways to pay for a drug rehab, there are various resources available.

Drug treatment is a big investment, but the rewards are well worth every penny when you can get free from a drug habit.  After all, look at all the money spent on drugs over the years!  The initial investment may seem like a big deal, but the value that you get when it comes to service and professional counseling is invaluable.

Many drug rehabs have a no-fee or sliding-scale program based on your income. Others accept various forms of health insurance to pay for services.  There are a good number of non-profit organizations that offer drug rehab for no cost at all. You can call around to various drug treatment centers and ask them if they offer such options or if they have additional financial assistance available.  There are also drug rehab professionals that will work with you in finding you the rehab that is right for you and your budget.

Financial Resources

When the money just isn’t there for drug rehab, and you don’t have insurance, it can feel quite daunting, but there are other financial resources you can consider.

Family or friends

Perhaps you have a family member that will be willing to loan or give you the money to attend a drug rehab center. It doesn’t hurt to take the time to ask family members or close friends if they would be willing to help you out. If you do borrow money, be sure that you have the means to pay them back and be sure that you actually do.

Retirement accounts.

If you have a retirement account that you’ve been putting money into for years, perhaps you can borrow from your account.

Employee assistance programs

Check with your employer to see if they offer some type of assistance program for drug rehab for employees.

Sell some material possessions

If you’ve got some valuable possessions that you can sell at a yard sale, that money can go to pay your drug rehab costs. You can also sell some things online at sites like eBay or Amazon. That way, your items get to be seen by thousands of potential customers, rather than just the people that come to your home for a yard sale. You can always save up the money and re-purchase any items that you miss later on down the road.

Some churches offer financial assistance to a drug rehab program and some even have such a program available. Call or ask around to see if you can find any information concerning such.

Raise funds yourself

There are internet sites like GoFundMe or Indiegogo, where you can ask for cash donations from people to cover the cost of your rehabs stay. Such crowdfunding platforms you can use anonymously or you can share openly and honestly about who you are and your story. Many people understand and offer compassion for someone struggling with the disease of addiction, as they themselves may have struggled or perhaps they have a family member who has struggled.

Use your personal savings

You may not want to use your personal savings for drug treatment, but your freedom from addiction is worth dipping into such an account. In fact, it’s actually a wonderful investment. When you’re free from the disease of addiction, you will be able to replace that money in your savings account, and have peace of mind and joy at the same time.


Check into the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) to see if they have a grant that you can apply for that will help cover the cost of your treatment. You can also contact the drug treatment centers in your area to see if they offer any scholarships for those who do not have insurance.

Check to see if you qualify for Medicaid

If you don’t have health insurance, you may qualify for Medicaid, especially if you have a low-income household. Medicaid does a pretty good job of covering the cost for a drug rehab center. In addition, Health and Human Services State Departments sometimes offer federal government grants. Be sure that you call your state and discuss your specific situation with them regarding lack of insurance and your desire to attend a drug rehab center.

Check with nonprofit organizations

There may be a nonprofit organization that can assist you with some or all of the cost of a drug treatment center. Do some research and certainly try the United Way and the Salvation Army to see if they offer such services.

Do your research when it comes to discovering various ways to pay for a drug rehab center, as the experience is certainly beneficial to anyone struggling with addiction. If it becomes overwhelming trying to figure out how to come up with the money to attend a treatment center, consider contacting your primary physician or social services agency and ask to set up a consultation. They may be able to direct you to various resources or organizations that can assist you in getting the financial support that you need. It will require some time and effort on your part, but this investment is well worth it because attending a drug rehab center can save your life, and give you a brand new life free from the disease of addiction.