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Drug Treatment Center in Destin

If you’re headed to a drug treatment center, chances are you may have some anxiety or concerns when it comes to the process of treatment. You may wonder if you’ll be able to refrain from drinking or using your drug of choice. You may feel as if you’re going to lose something valuable to you, as many people come to love their drug of choice. It’s not always easy entertaining thoughts of attending a drug rehab, as uncertainty can fill the heart.

However, making a conscious decision to reach out for help for an addiction can be quite empowering. It’s a decision that allows you to take 100% responsibility for your life, and make a commitment to stop abusing substances. There have been many men and women who have attended a drug rehab center and have gotten free from the prison of addiction. Through hard work, discipline, education, and a supportive atmosphere, the chains of diction can be broken.

Various kinds of addictions

Being addicted to alcohol or a drug is one thing, but what about smoking? Most people don’t really look at smoking cigarettes as a big deal in comparison to drinking or drugging. Granted, smoking cigarettes does not alter one’s reality, as does alcohol or drugs, but the nicotine found in cigarettes is still a very addictive and dangerous drug.

Nicotine addiction is running rampant among the adolescent crowd and adults. Research indicates that about 25% of adults struggle with mental illness or an addiction. This 25% actually consumes 40% of the cigarettes that are sold in the US. This indicates that there is a clear connection between mental illness or addiction and nicotine addiction.

Are you a smoker entering a drug rehab center?

If you are a smoker and plan on attending a drug treatment center, you may want to see if that particular rehab allows smoking or not. The are some drug rehab centers that have put a ban on smoking cigarettes to help recovering addicts get free from their drug addiction and their nicotine addiction. Of course, this hasn’t gone over well for many smokers, as the thought of having to give up cigarettes on top of their drug of choice is overwhelming for them. Research indicates that drug rehabs that put a ban on smoking tend to lose patients before they even finish the program. Program completion rates drop to 42% from 70% in rehabs that have a smoking ban.

Let’s take a look today at the pros and cons of smoking tobacco in a drug treatment center:

Pros of smoking tobacco in a drug treatment center

In the United States, every year about half a million people die directly due to a nicotine addiction. The reality is that smoking causes diseases that lead to death. Maybe not everyone who smokes will develop such a disease, but many will. One of the pros of banning tobacco at a drug rehab center is that this could spare them from developing a disease associated with nicotine addiction.

When dealing with one addiction, it can be helpful to deal with all addictions. Substance abuse professionals state that addiction is a disease of the brain, so the opportunity to treat all drugs, including nicotine, can be very helpful to each patient.

Decreasing addiction transfer

By banning smoking at a drug treatment center, this can cut down on those who may give up their drug of choice and start smoking instead. Essentially, all this does is transfer the addiction from one drug to another. By not allowing smoking at a rehab, this can cut down on those who my ordinarily pick up the habit of smoking while in rehab.

Better health

By giving up alcohol, drugs, and nicotine, a patient goes on to live a healthier life. Smoking can diminish health overtime and decrease self-esteem. When efforts are put on more natural ways to combat anxiety and stress, patients just tend to feel better about themselves all the way around.

Cons of smoking tobacco in a drug treatment center

Some active addicts will refrain from attending a drug treatment center if they are not able to smoke. This means that recovery chances decrease dramatically. Those that do enter a treatment center with the intent to stop smoking sometimes find out in a quick minute that it’s too much for them to handle, and end up dropping out of the program early. This certainly increases the chance of relapse.

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, only 1 in 10 drug rehab centers ban smoking entirely. There are many treatment facilities that will offer support for those smokers who want to quit smoking, but they do not make it mandatory to stop using tobacco. They recognize that it may be too overwhelming for those in early recovery. There are also others who believe that the recovering alcoholic or addict will eventually reach out for support to stop smoking, but may not necessarily have that desire in their early recovery.

Should drug rehab centers ban smoking?

There are mixed reviews when it comes to answering this question. Many agree that drug treatment centers are to focus more on getting patients free from alcohol or their drug of choice, rather than requiring them to stop using tobacco as well. Most tend to agree that giving patients the option of receiving treatment for nicotine addiction is helpful. This allows them to make a conscious decision for themselves, rather than being commanded to stop using nicotine. After all, it’s not uncommon for those that are banned from doing something will actually want to do it more just because it’s against policy. Perhaps they just have that rebellious spirit who likes to go against the rules.

With so many deaths per year directly due to nicotine addiction, this is a topic that is well worthy of the research and time. Nicotine is a dangerous drug that is very addictive, but there is treatment available for such an addiction. If you’re struggling with an addiction to tobacco, or any other drug, feel free to reach out for help. There are many substance abuse professionals that can help.